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Top Accessories for Your Holiday Gifts

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The holiday season may be over, but you have all year to play with your new gifts and favorite electronics. That means now is the perfect time for a roundup post of the most wanted tech accessories! Below, you’ll find a list most innovative tech-inspired accessories that pair perfectly with your holiday gifts.

Steren HDMI to Component Adapter

Steren HDMI to Component Adapter: BL-526-022 is one of our top accessories for your holiday gifts. The Steren HDMI to Component Adapter with HDMI 1.4 input, RCA output (red, white, blue, green, red) requires no external power source and is best for display or television that needs conversion from digital HDMI video terminal to the high-definition analog component video terminal.

Steren HDMI to Composite Adapter

This Steren HDMI to Composite Adapter: BL-526-020 conversation cable with HDMI 1.4 Micro female input, and RCA Female output (red/white/yellow) converts digital HDMI video terminal to the analog composite terminal. It requires no external power source.

Steren VR Headset for Smartphones

The Steren VR Headset is a must-have accessory. This Headset is completely portable and requires no outside power source or cables. It comes with a Bluetooth remote control that provides an enhanced gaming experience. It’s best used to enjoy 360° gaming, watch movies, or to plan your next adventures like going to outer space or deep sea diving (virtually of course)!

Steren Gamers Headset

For all the gamers, this headset is for you. It features an ultra-soft skin finish cushion, exceptional audio, high power bass, clear trebles and superior details that provide comfort for long gaming sessions.  This headset offers excellent quality in chat programs or online games with its flexible microphone.

Steren Multimedia Speaker System

If you received a new TV this year, then the Steren Multimedia Speaker System is next item you need to create the home theater of your dreams. It has excellent stereo sound and a modern design that provides excellent sound quality. You can connect its standard 3.5 mm connector to virtually any cell phone or music player.

Steren Full Sized Headphones with Floral Design

If you received a new smartphone or mp3 player, then the Steren full-sized headphones with floral design are the perfect companion. These headphones are functional and fashionable! They soft sponges allow these headphones to fit perfectly on your ears and produce a professional-grade sound. Isolate the outside noise, lay back, and enjoy your favorite music!

With these accessories, you’re sure to maximize the use of your holiday gifts!