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How to Create the Best Super Bowl Viewing Experience

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For lots of football lovers, the Super Bowl is like a holiday similar to Christmas and Thanksgiving. It is an occasion in which your closest friends and family get together, irrespective of their personal differences and interests, to celebrate the most prominent game of the year. Some people watch the Super Bowl for the game, the ads, or simply to be part of the annual experience.

As the Super Bowl is coming up shortly, it’s time to start thinking about how you will be viewing the big game. If you’re having friends or family over to watch, keep reading to find out how to create the best Super Bowl viewing experience.

Get started by making sure your cables, antennas, speakers, splitters and/or satellite box is properly working and you can receive NBC in your area on Sunday, February 4th.

You can kick off this 2018 Super Bowl season the right way by upgrading your Super Bowl viewing experience with the following latest cables, antennas, speakers, and splitters. You’ll find these products are so affordable, in fact, they will likely cost you less than your average monthly TV subscription charges.


This antenna can capture all the high definition signals even in the problematic reception areas with excellent image quality due to its broad range. Thus, it is perfect for enjoying Super Bowl game in the metropolitan city as well as semi-rural areas. It is made up of high-quality and robust aluminum and has excellent digital signal reception. This antenna is pre-assembled that aids in its installation; you can just connect the corresponding coaxial cable in its “F” type connector without any adapters. Its resistance, as well as use duration, is superb, it also supports extreme climates and corrosion. Many of these elements make it a brilliant option for watching Super Bowl broadcast.

Steren BOS-308

With this Steren BOS-308 splitter with HDMI signal amplifier 8-outputs simultaneously you can send digital video and audio to 8 different screens without loss of sound or image quality from a single source, either DVD, Blu-Ray, satellite decoder, video game cable or console due to its amplifier. It is easy to install, as the inputs and the outputs are easily displayed to help you connect the cables to the video/audio source and screens. It supports Full HD resolutions and therefore, it is the best option for excellent Super Bowl viewing the experience. You can use it with brands like Samsung, LG, Polaroid, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, JVC, Philips, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

Steren SPK-1100BL

These speakers have the resistance, power, and sound that you’re looking for during your Super Bowl party. It gives the excellent definition in treble and bass sounds, and because of its aluminum and plastic coating with the airtight seal, it can be used outdoors, indoors, or in the open area, without being harmed by humidity.

Steren 201-242-PB

These Steren 201-242-PB splitters have a minimal attenuation that would not degrade the picture quality.  These splitters are a must-have item while using MPEG 2-DVB receiver along with an analog or 4DTV receiver. It is designed to work perfectly in 5-2600 MHz range and comes with complete grounding port and screws for immediate installation.

Start Planning The Party

Now that you’re set up for the perfect viewing experience, no Super Bowl party is complete without the right food! The best Super Bowl parties are the ones with snacks and drinks that are quick and easy to eat and satisfy every palette. Skip the knife and fork and opt for finger food options. This not only makes eating easy for your guests but also makes for a quick cleanup. Here are just a few of the appetizers we recommend for your Super Bowl party.

  •    Potato Nachos
  •    Cheesy puffballs
  •    Pizza rolls
  •    Wholly Guacamole
  •    Chicken & biscuit kabobs
  •    Cream cheese & sausage-stuffed mushrooms
  •    Sausage pinwheels
  •    Bacon cocktail weenies
  •    Garlic potato skins
  •    Lil Smokies
  •    Sticks of ham with honey
  •    Nacho Dip
  •    Reuben pies

Stop in to Eastland Office Supply for more tech equipment and the latest electronics for the perfect Super Bowl viewing experience!